Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zelda Humanoid Characters

So work is tiring me out, but at least I have a day off tomorrow.  Anyway, I've dedicated this day to the Zelda characters that are so fascinating and yet get very little recognition: the Zoras and Gorons.  First, is a pattern of a Zora.  Sort of generic, but it works for me.  Pattern by me, artwork not.

This next one is a pattern of a generic goron.  It's kind of big, but it works.  Pattern made by me, artwork not.

Next, is the goron sage and chief, Durani.  This pattern is HUGE, so I hope you're up for it if you decide to sttich it.  Pattern by me, artwork not mine.

This next one is the zora sage and princess, Ruto.  This one is more manageable and would be interesting to see stitched.  Pattern by me, artwork not mine.

Next time, I'll put up masks, so stay tuned!! and Happy Stitching!!

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