Thursday, June 28, 2012

More WIP photos

Again, another hiatus of nothing, but I was doing job stuff out of state.  I did land a job, but I couldn't afford to live in the area, so I had to decline the job offer, which stinks because there's nothing in the area I live in now.  I will keep looking, though.  Anyway, while away, I did no stitching, but then I come back and I do tons of stitching.  I'm to the point where I'm going to start using blending filaments, so that's always really exciting.  Granted there are a few spots that I will need to go over again in terms of, "Oh, I forgot a stitch here. Let's fill it in."  I'm hoping that won't take too long.  Anyway, the first picture is from two days ago, and the second picture is from the end of today.  I'm so close, and yet so far away with finishing it.

This would go ever so slightly faster if it wasn't so hot these last few days.  Anyway, right before I left (quite literally actually) I received my gift from my swap person.  Have to say, I like them, but I'm not in love with them.  For one, they broke while being sent here, which means a number of things occurred to make that happen.  Second, I like the kirby necklace, but the stitching is uneven in the sense that the crosses go in different directions for every row.  Third, I'm not someone who likes to accessorize in terms of hair, whether the accessory is something geeky or not.  I'm really trying not to be rude, it's just that these items weren't my "cup of tea".  I like the Nintendo concept, but not how it was used.

Now that my trip down guilty lane is done, I have patterns for you.  I'm going to try to follow the Olympic stride in a way.  I have made patterns of flags from different countries.  I will do what I can to get as many flags up between now and when the Olympics end, I guess.  Like I say, we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, if anyone knows of someplace I could at least make an attempt to apply to, please send me those suggestions.  And with that, I am done for the day.  Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up

Sorry for the hiatus, but I have been busy and preoccupied with real life.  Fortunately, I have a job interview on Tuesday, unfortunately it's in a different state than where I'm living.  Luckily, one of my brothers already lives and works there, so at least I have a place to stay, even if the getting there will be tricky.  Since buses and planes are too expensive at the moment for the family, I will be driving in my very unreliable and very old (hence why it's unreliable) vehicle, hopefully tomorrow, as long as some miscellaneous things go through, otherwise the interview will have to be postponed, yet again.  Anyway, it's been a long week and this week won't be any shorter.

Let's get on to stitching!! I have made excellent progress on forbidden love and am excited to share it with you. Naturally, it isn't done yet, but it's getting there.

Now for patterns.

Hope those satisfy your pattern thirst for a while. Not sure when I'll post next since the next couple days are going to be hectic at best.  Hope you all a great week!! Happy Stitching!!