Tuesday, October 4, 2011

4 Patterns of Various Interests

I know it seems sort of redundant to be posting these patterns up here AND on my deviantart page, but it makes me feel like it's getting some use somehow, even if I don't stitch them myself. I don't know.  I'll post some more geeky patterns someday. Just not right now.  These next 4 patterns are random in nature in the sense that they don't really have any connection between them. But I still like them.  This first one is simple enough......another love of my life. BLUEBERRIES!!! You might see more of them later, but here it is.  As usual, pattern was made by me, original is not mine and you can find a link to it on the pattern.

Yes, I do, in fact, have a little bit of a life. It is called a job and school, which I guess doesn't really count since those are really stressful for me.  This next one has two butterflies on it.  Again, my pattern, someone elses artwork with a link to it on the pattern.

This next one is a bit geeky in the sense that it's video game related, but I don't play this particular video game. I believe it's from Kingdom Hearts, but you are more than happy to correct me if I'm wrong. Whether this exact keyblade is in the game itself is beyond me, but I thought the original artwork was well done so I made a pattern.  As usual, pattern by me, link to original artwork can be found on pattern.

This last one is a reminder that there are good things to fall.  I'm not particularly fond of the season itself, except for the leaves changing (even that is pushing it), what with the weather turning cold and the prospect of snow, which comes as early as this month, actually (heard of the October storm of '77?).  Anyway, here's the pattern.  Once again, pattern by me, but original artwork is not.  Link to the original on the pattern.

I still have TONS of patterns, so it's likely that I'm going to necessarily end this anytime soon.  However, if you really want to see something original from me, you'll have to beg......and I mean beg A LOT. In the mean time, I'll attempt to practice at the whole "making original patterns" idea.  Happy stitching!!

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