Friday, October 21, 2011


Okay, so it's not that I lied about not having anymore Halloween related patterns, I just overlooked these 5 patterns COMPLETELY, not thinking that there are, in fact, the essence of a way. Anyway, they are all ghosts. Not creepy ghosts, but cute ones because, for some reason, they go over better than creepy ones. However, if you do happen to find creepy ghosts out there, I would be more than happy to make it into a pattern.  So since I'm lazy and kind of in a rush (supposed to be studying for a test that's later today), I'm going to just post them all at once.  As always, I made the patterns, but not the artwork.  And like all of my other patterns, as well, I have put a link to original artwork onto the pattern.

I have to admit that the second and 4th ones are my favorite among this group.  With that said, I am off to study, because I failed to study last night. Have I mentioned how busy I am these days? Have I also mentioned that I LOVE to sleep and miss it terribly? Well, now I have, if I didn't before. Anyway, Happy Stitching!!

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