Saturday, October 29, 2011


I'm in a dragon kind of mood today.  3 out of 4 of these patterns will come from images from, so I'm not really certain of the original artists.  The last one does have a particular artist though so a link to the original image can be found on the pattern.  Technically, the ones from dragcave are hatchlings, not full-fledged dragons. These are various colors and all reasonably sized.

Aren't they cute?  This last one is a larger one.  I'm actually quite speechless on what to say today.

Yep. That's about it for the day.  Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkins and a Mask

Since it's so close to Halloween, I'm going to post some pumpkin themed patterns.  I'll also post a mask, which I guess could be a Halloween costume.  This first one is a regular old pumpkin, but it is shrouded in smoke and has a couple candles.

This next one is of a pumpkin that's smiling.  It also has a little bit of candy corn, which is really cute.

This last pumpkin related one is a pumpkin cat similar to that of the witch cat from my last post.

Now for the mask.  It's a bit ornate, but still simple enough to not be overwhelming.

Thankfully, I only had one class today and no work, so I wasn't too stressed today...although I technically have a paper due by midnight.  I'll be fine.  As always, I made the patterns, but not the artwork, with a link to the original on the pattern itself.  Happy stitching!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Zelda Stained Glass and Halloween Patterns

Super busy so I'll keep this somewhat short.  First of all, I understand that this is supposed to be a blog about my stitchings, but I've been so busy lately and I have almost no time management to speak of, so I've really been down on my cross stitching.....although my patterns appear to be going strong.  Anyway,  I posted this first one on spritestitch already, so I thought it wise to post it here, too.  It's a stained glass piece of the main elements of Wind Waker.  Warning: it is HUGE!!!

I would LOVE to see this made one day.  I, personally, don't have the patience or time at these days to do this piece so have at it.  This next one is a stained glass that I should have added to the last bunch of patterns, but I completely forgot that I had it, so here it is now.  It's just a simple triforce piece.

Now on to the Halloween patterns!! This first one is, as the title on the original artwork suggests, sleepy hollow on a muffin.  I was looking muffin artwork and this just seemed perfect.  Again, it's fairly large, but it's really cute.

This next one is a group of cats around a pumpkin, which is absolutely adorable.  I might actually stitch this one....someday. Just not today. I have to work today. Anyway...

This last one is from the same artist as the last piece, and it's of a witch cat, which just screams Halloween.

Well, that's it for today.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.  Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

OoT Stained Glass Windows

I have more Zelda related patterns today.  This time they're stained glass windows!! Okay, so you're probably thinking they're all going to be HUGE patterns, right? Well, I was fortunate enough to find images that were relatively small, so yay me, and yay to whomever made the original images. I'm going to follow the same order as I did for the medallions. So without further ado, here is the first stained glass piece:

The Light Sage:

The Forest Sage:

The Fire Sage:

The Water Sage:

The Shadow Sage:

And finally, the Spirit Sage:

As you can see, they are all reasonably sized and can be stitched relatively quickly.  I can't really do anything about the amount of colors, but who cares, right?  So as with all of my patterns, I made them but not the original artwork, so a link to the original artwork can be found on the pattern itself.  Luckily, for this group, the images are all on the same image, so you really only have to look one of them.....if you want to, of course. That's it for today.  Happy Stitching!!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Okay, so it's not that I lied about not having anymore Halloween related patterns, I just overlooked these 5 patterns COMPLETELY, not thinking that there are, in fact, the essence of a way. Anyway, they are all ghosts. Not creepy ghosts, but cute ones because, for some reason, they go over better than creepy ones. However, if you do happen to find creepy ghosts out there, I would be more than happy to make it into a pattern.  So since I'm lazy and kind of in a rush (supposed to be studying for a test that's later today), I'm going to just post them all at once.  As always, I made the patterns, but not the artwork.  And like all of my other patterns, as well, I have put a link to original artwork onto the pattern.

I have to admit that the second and 4th ones are my favorite among this group.  With that said, I am off to study, because I failed to study last night. Have I mentioned how busy I am these days? Have I also mentioned that I LOVE to sleep and miss it terribly? Well, now I have, if I didn't before. Anyway, Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Few More Halloween Patterns

So I got a request from someone on deviant art to post more Halloween related patterns, and I'm more than happy to oblige. I don't have too many more of these to post, and I haven't had ANY chance recently to search for pics and make more patterns, so this is what I have left in the Halloween realm for now.  This first one is of a Fall tree.  It's not amazing, but it's about the best I could find on deviant art with the time I had.

This next one is kind of creepy, but interesting in it's own way.  It kind of has a Tim Burton feel to it that is soooo Halloween it's ridiculous, but nice.

Okay, so maybe these aren't so much Halloween as Fall themed, but when I think Fall, I think Halloween.  When it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's Winter, mostly because where I live and grew up it was more than likely snowing or had snowed recently, which definitely a Winter thing.  This last Fall themed Pattern, then, is of a really pretty leaf that I was sooooo lucky to find.

With the previous mention of a possible early onslaught of snow in my area (not today, but relatively soon) I bring to you a really cute snowflake that I found.  It's super tiny so it could be used as a phone charm...thing easily.  It can be any color, which really convenient if you have a ton of waste DMC laying around.  it may show two colors, but that was mostly because I was being lazy and didn't change the colors around.

Again, as previously mentioned in past posts, these patterns may have been made by me, but the original artwork is NOT mine, but I have posted a link to the original artwork on the pattern for your own perusal.  With that, Happy Stitching!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Different Kind of Character

So I figured that since I'll be working most of the day today, I would post now instead of tomorrow, considering now is the only time I have today to really relax.  So the patterns I'm going to be posting today are Avatar: Last Airbender themed.  Yes, this is another one of my "obsessions".  I don't have nearly as many of these patterns as I do of, say, Zelda or Sailor Moon, I suddenly realize I've only posted one SM pattern on this blog.  I will remedy that.....later.  I find 4 patterns is enough to work with for a couple days.  So this first one is just of the symbols.  They're colored, which does a nice job in differentiating them.

This next one is a group of sprites of the main characters of the show.  With this pattern, I like the size of the sprites, even though there are a lot of colors to work with.  Of course, not all the sprites have to be done at once, just saying it's a lot of colors.

This next one is of Aang on his air bubble.....thing.  I forget what it's called.  He rides around on it all the time on the show, though, and figured it would be nice to have a pattern of it.....and I was lucky enough to find artwork of it on deviantart, as well.  Yay, me!!

And this last one is of Appa.  Need I say more?

As always, I made the patterns but not the artwork.  A link to the original artwork can be found on the pattern, though.And with that I'm off to have a hectic day of work. Here's to hoping I don't bite somebody's head off (figuratively, of course).  Happy Stitching!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

In A Cat Mood Today

Like the title suggests, I'm in a cat sort of mood today. I don't know why....just am.  These patterns are Halloween themed in a way, except one of them that I just think is cute.  The first one is of a cat coming out of a pumpkin.

Isn't it cute? It even has the a little ghost.  This next one is of a cat on a fencepost with a silhouette of the moon, which automatically makes me think Halloween.

This next one is a ghost kitty. It's not as cute as the other ones, but it still has its own quirkiness about it.

This last one is a cat sleeping on a moon type object. I think it's absolutely adorable and I would stitch it if I had the time.

As with all my patterns, these patterns were made by me but the original artwork is not mine.  A link to the original artwork can be found on pattern itself.  With that I am hoping I didn't overload your mind with cats and Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spiritual Stones from OoT

So today I had one of those things called a day off, so I'm a slightly happy camper.  I will only bother you few but kind people who follow my blog with 4 patterns today....although I guess I could say six.  3 of the patterns are on one file, making things convenient for everyone involved.  So today I have 2 variations of the Spiritual Stones that have to be obtained in Ocarina of Time.  Those include the Kokiri Emerald, the Goron's Ruby, and the Zora Sapphire.  The original artwork was done by two different people, but I liked them both so I made patterns of both.  As usual, I made the patterns, but not the artwork, so a link to the original artwork can be found on the pattern itself.  I shall post them all at the same time for your viewing pleasure.

Thankfully, they're all fairly small, making them that much faster to stitch.  The first set of stones is from one artist and the second set is from a different artist.  I personally like the second set better, but that's just me.  Hope you enjoy and happy stitching!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Masks....and a Couple Deku

So after I posted last time, I realized that I forgot the Deku, silly me.  So I am going to post it now to make up for it since it is one of the masks that I am going to present.  This first one is just your run of the mill Deku.  I wish it was green topped, but i could not find one (not that I looked that hard).  As usual, all following patterns were made by me but the artwork is not mine, so a link to the original artwork is on the pattern itself.

Now, this next one is of Link in his Deku form in Majora's mask. I think I was awfully lucky to find a pixel art of this guy as I can't really find any of his other forms, which is sad.....but true. But, again, I really don't look to long to find artwork. I probably should, but I just don't have as much time for it as I used to.  Anyway, here's the pattern.

Sometimes, I wish these patterns were smaller, but I can't really do all that much about it.  Anyway, these next patterns are relatively small so they could, hypothetically, be put on the same little bit of AIDA....or on scrap, whatever you choose.  In a bit of a lazy spurt at the moment so I'm just gonna bunch them up together in one go.  The first one is the Deku mask, then it's the Goron mask, and last is the Zora mask.

Hope you enjoy and happy stitching!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zelda Humanoid Characters

So work is tiring me out, but at least I have a day off tomorrow.  Anyway, I've dedicated this day to the Zelda characters that are so fascinating and yet get very little recognition: the Zoras and Gorons.  First, is a pattern of a Zora.  Sort of generic, but it works for me.  Pattern by me, artwork not.

This next one is a pattern of a generic goron.  It's kind of big, but it works.  Pattern made by me, artwork not.

Next, is the goron sage and chief, Durani.  This pattern is HUGE, so I hope you're up for it if you decide to sttich it.  Pattern by me, artwork not mine.

This next one is the zora sage and princess, Ruto.  This one is more manageable and would be interesting to see stitched.  Pattern by me, artwork not mine.

Next time, I'll put up masks, so stay tuned!! and Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Stash of Floss and Patterns

So today's posting is mostly about Zelda patterns, but I realized that I haven't posted any finished pieces in a while.....for good reason. I haven't FINISHED any projects lately, what with school and work, I haven't really given myself a chance to sit and do some cross stitching.  Can't really do anything about it except quit something, but I can't because I have to be at school and I have to work to get money, so can't do anything.  So, to replace my lack of stitching projects, I will post a picture of my "stash".

I know it's not as big as some people's, but it's still fairly least in my mind, it is.  I have a whole gallon bag full of floss that isn't numbered that I use for bracelets. I just forgot that I had it and am too lazy to go up and take a picture of it.

Now for patterns.  This pattern is Fall related and I guess can be a continuation of a pattern from my last posting.  As usual, pattern is by me, but the original artwork is not.  A link to the original artwork can be found on the pattern.

These next three patterns are Zelda related. I really tried to see if I could make them fit together in a sort of theme, but it didn't quite work out that way. I got close, but didn't quite happen.  The theme? Popular creatures.  So the first one is Wolf Link.  Pattern by me, original artwork not with a link to it on the pattern.

Isn't it cute? This next one is Epona.  It doesn't look exactly like the video game version, but it's the best I could find.  Pattern by me, original artwork not with link to it on pattern.

This last pattern is the Occarina of Time sprite versions of Zelda and Link, with both young and adult versions....I think.  Could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that was the point of the original artwork, anyway.  Pattern by me, original artwork not mine with a link to it on the pattern.

Well that's it for now.  Happy stitching!!