Monday, December 31, 2012

Started Something New

I still have not finished Celtic Noel.  My motivation to do any work on her has dwindled to almost nothing.  I have done some beading, but it's come to a standstill because.....just because.  However, I have been stitching.  For my last post of the year, I have some stitching progress on Crystal Symphony by Mirabilia to show.  The first image is nicely lighted, the second one is not lighted, and the third image is a detail shot of the chandelier.

Now for patterns! I decided to go all out this time with the Christmas dragons.  Gives you all a nice head start for next year ;).

I believe that is it for now.  Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!! Happy Stitching!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Almost Done With Celtic Noel

I'm almost done with Celtic Noel.  I just have to find the scrolls of the scroll frame I have and put it on so I can do the beading....which I hear could take 16-18 hours.  Looking forward to doing it...kind of, lol.  Anyway, I have pictures of it without the back-stitching and with the back-stitching. I took a couple detail shots, as well.

That's about it for me, stitching wise.  Again, I didn't find anyone who completed any of my patterns, so on to more patterns. I added a hatchling for those not "adventurous" enough to make a large dragon.

That is it for me....except my birthday is SUNDAY, so, if you wish, you may wish me a "Happy Birthday" on Sunday.  Just saying ;).  Happy Stitching!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Celtic Noel WIP

Not much stitching has been going on lately what with work and life, but I have managed to get some stitching in.  Here is the progress on Celtic Noel.  It is very slow going.  I'll be honest and say that part of the procrastination is due, in part, to me not wanting to use the metallic thread.

No new finished pieces made from others this time....I think(?).  On to the patterns: MORE DRAGONS!!!

I will do my best to update a little more often. No guarantees, what with it being Christmas and all, but I will do what I can.  This would go by so much faster if life didn't keep getting in the way.  Oh, well.  Until next time....Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Darn You, LIFE!!

Life has gotten ahead of me lately.  First, I didn't want to post because I didn't want to post too soon, then I became lazy, and then I became busy.  Anyway, I'm a lot closer to finishing Celtic Noel.  I'm currently working on the gold metallic thread, but I won't post any progress on that until I finish the skirt.  The metallic is a PAIN!  It definitely makes for some slow stitching.  Here's what I'm willing to show.

So close, and yet so far away, from being done.  Just the metallic thread, backstitching, and bead work.  Optimistic that it will be done by long as I'm stitching almost constantly, lol.

I have finished pieces that have been stitched by others from my patterns.  First, we have Jo, who stitched a number of my halloween related cats. The first one is a in the dark version of the cat in the second image.  She made two cards out of the third image.

Next, rosey175 completed her Halloween cat with some very special touches.

Third, animeloverblonde09 also stitched one of the Halloween cats.

Lastly,  shiori500 stitched the last Avatar bender symbol.

Now for some patterns!!

I am spending a week away with my brother in Virginia, so it is unlikely that I will post anytime before Thanksgiving.  With that, I wish all of you Americans a Happy Thanksgiving, and for all those non-Americans, Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Continued Work on Celtic Noel

Work is progressing on the Celtic Noel.  It's slower than it has been since I recently bought Pokemon White 2 and have been playing it when I can.  I'm currently stuck training just before the 5th gym, so I decided to do some more stitching.  I will show two pictures; the first is my progress from last time I posted to Sunday night, and the second picture is progress from the last two days.

Next, I have a finished piece stitched from one of my patterns by animeloverblonde09 on DeviantArt.  It's absolutely adorable and I love that someone was able to stitch it, even if it wasn't me.

Now for more patterns.  Again, these the Christmas alterations of the dragons on Dragon Cave.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Celtic Noel WIP

I started a new job recently that's Mon-Fri, so it's taking longer than I would like it to finish the Celtic Noel piece, but I'm doing surprisingly well considering the size of it and the time I have to stitch it.  So, here's what I have so far.  I would have more done for this week if my family and I didn't spend so much time out of the house this weekend.  Sometimes, a girl just needs time to be at home.  Anyway, without further ado...

The fabric is a touch smaller than I would like it to be, but I'm glad that it all fits.

I also have a finished piece that Rosey175 has stitched from one of my patterns.  She changed certain parts of it, but it still looks great.

Now I have some Christmas related patterns for you all to cherish.  They are dragons from Dragon Cave.  They are the Christmas versions of dragons on that site that I particularly like.  If you have a personal favorite, feel free to tell me and I will make a pattern of it.  Here's four for now for your stitching pleasure.

With that, I am off to bed.  Good night, and Happy Stitching!!