Saturday, October 15, 2011

In A Cat Mood Today

Like the title suggests, I'm in a cat sort of mood today. I don't know why....just am.  These patterns are Halloween themed in a way, except one of them that I just think is cute.  The first one is of a cat coming out of a pumpkin.

Isn't it cute? It even has the a little ghost.  This next one is of a cat on a fencepost with a silhouette of the moon, which automatically makes me think Halloween.

This next one is a ghost kitty. It's not as cute as the other ones, but it still has its own quirkiness about it.

This last one is a cat sleeping on a moon type object. I think it's absolutely adorable and I would stitch it if I had the time.

As with all my patterns, these patterns were made by me but the original artwork is not mine.  A link to the original artwork can be found on pattern itself.  With that I am hoping I didn't overload your mind with cats and Happy Stitching!!

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