Monday, October 10, 2011

Masks....and a Couple Deku

So after I posted last time, I realized that I forgot the Deku, silly me.  So I am going to post it now to make up for it since it is one of the masks that I am going to present.  This first one is just your run of the mill Deku.  I wish it was green topped, but i could not find one (not that I looked that hard).  As usual, all following patterns were made by me but the artwork is not mine, so a link to the original artwork is on the pattern itself.

Now, this next one is of Link in his Deku form in Majora's mask. I think I was awfully lucky to find a pixel art of this guy as I can't really find any of his other forms, which is sad.....but true. But, again, I really don't look to long to find artwork. I probably should, but I just don't have as much time for it as I used to.  Anyway, here's the pattern.

Sometimes, I wish these patterns were smaller, but I can't really do all that much about it.  Anyway, these next patterns are relatively small so they could, hypothetically, be put on the same little bit of AIDA....or on scrap, whatever you choose.  In a bit of a lazy spurt at the moment so I'm just gonna bunch them up together in one go.  The first one is the Deku mask, then it's the Goron mask, and last is the Zora mask.

Hope you enjoy and happy stitching!!

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