Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Long Time With a Lot of Stitching

I know it's been forever. Life is amazingly busy right now and I just haven't had the time to really make this blog a priority.  My life has truly done a 180 since this time last year.  I am with an incredible man who has helped give my life at least some purpose and meaning and has helped me want to be a better person in every way.  I am now on first shift and they have been giving my boyfriend and I a TON of overtime that has really drained my reserves.  Because of this, I have decided to go back to college for my own sake versus having someone suggest I go back.  I haven't gotten into any colleges yet, but I have hope that it will happen.  If all else fails, I can do online courses for a while and then try again with a real college....or something.  My relationship with my family is greatly improved with everyone....except my brother, who's just a general jerk in the first place.  My life is amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing how my life continues.

On to the main point of this blog: THE STITCHING!!  Now, I have finished one piece that I am hoping to use for my wedding.  The theme is owls, so it's really perfect.  I was hoping to use it as a memorial type deal.  I used gold metallic for some of the leaves and it really gives it a touch of specialness.

I was able to frame the Ever After piece I posted last time.  It took at least an hour to figure out how to deconstruct it without ruining it and to then put it back together.  It had old, hardened hot glue on it and I spent at least 15 minutes doing it the hard way before I got fed up and looked up an easier way to get rid of it without ruining the wood (rubbing alcohol, btw).

Last finish of the day: my crochet project.  It's a simple blanket but it didn't turn out half bad for a first project, anyway.  I haven't been brave enough to try another project, but I'm working up the nerve.  I really want to get a pair of gloves made in time for our local renaissance festival.

Now for WIPs.  Now the first WIP is Celtic Summer.  I started it for my mother's sake because I eventually want to do all of them for her.  I stopped where I did because I got mildly bored by it and obsessed with starting a different project.  Anyway, this is where I am now.

Now the project I've been dying to stitch for a while now is Red from Mirabilia. I've been working on it for about a month now and I'm absolutely loving how it's turning out so far.

Randomness:  I had a fish.  It was mildly suicidal.  I had it for about a year.  It recently died.  I didn't really want to get another fish to replace it, on the other hand I wasn't sure what to do with the tank. I'm on Pinterest and I'm following someone who posted stuff about terrariums.  At first I thought it was silly.  Time goes on and I started to want some green life in the house.  When I first noticed the fish not looking so hot, I started planning what to do with the tank.  When it finally died, I had decided that a low maintenance plant would be a better fit.  So I did some research and I made this.

That's all I have for today.  Thank you for your patience.  Happy Stitching!!