Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shields and an Update

I understand that Skyward Sword came out last Sunday (11/20) and I have finally come around to celebrating!! I have not played the game myself, but I have been able to view it being played and I have to say that I approve.  I particularly love the CD that came with it.  But let's not rant about the amazing-ness of Zelda when there are patterns and a WIP update.  I managed to do some stitching yesterday and was able to get quite a bit done.  I'm still working on the first color, but I'm happy with what I was able to get done.

Now for what you really read this blog for....the patterns!!  I decided, in light of recent events, to post a bunch of Zelda shields.  Yes, shields.  These ones are small and easy to stitch, if they do actually get stitched.  Anyway,  this first one is the Kokiri shield from Ocarina of Time.

This next shield, I have to admit, I don't really know it's name or where it came from.  I'm going to assume it's from OoT, though.

This one is the mirror shield from OoT.

Mirror shield from Majora's Mask.

Wind Waker shield.

And finally a sword and shield.  Again, I don't know which game it came out of.

Aren't they all pretty?  Anyway, I have tons of essays to write and I have procrastinated enough....or have I? Dilemma of the age.  Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Great job on your WIP, it's looking good :-) I liked the ornaments you made for your friends too, what a great idea :-)

  2. The first one is the Hylian Shield and it is from Ocarina of Time. The last one is the Master Sword and Hylian Shield from Twilight Princess