Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Dragon Day

I am now soooo much more relaxed since I changed my work hours.  Granted, I'm now a little frazzled on what to do during all this time that I have, now.  It is quite confusing.  Anyway, I have some more dragons for all you dragon lovers out there.  I don't who's out there, but I know you're out there.  Yes, I am a little weird. These dragons are also on dragon cave, but I was able to find the original owner/artwork on deviant art, so a link to the original can be found on all of the patterns.  Luckily, they're all from the same artist.  First comes the egg and hatchlings.

I was actually fortunate enough to get the purple one, so I don't feel nearly as guilty about making these into patterns as I normally would.  Now for actual dragons!!

I personally like the blue one the best.  Now for a special one.  It isn't featured on dragon cave, but it still runs in the same family as the previous patterns.

I don't think this pattern does the original image justice, so a quick peak at it would be beneficial.  By the way, I would would LOVE to see finished pieces of any of the patterns made on this blog.  If you have no qualms about it, I would be more than happy to post it for the world to see.  Anyway, Happy Stitching!!!

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