Thursday, November 17, 2011


For the first time, I am going to show a picture of a piece that I'm working on.  I'm actually a little excited about this.  It's a pretty piece and it's the second time I've used this type of fabric, so it's going slower than I would like to go.  However, the fact that I'm actually stitching at all is nice....even if it is just a means to procrastinate, which I technically can't afford to do at the moment.  Anyway, without further ado, here is a picture of what the finished will kind of look like.

I love blueberries and my mom quilts, so I thought it would make a nice gift for her...someday, lol.  Now for the progress report.

It isn't much, but I'm happy with the progress I've made so far on it.  I originally wanted to do it on a different fabric and with the stitches going over 1 instead of 2, but I kind of messed up and it started getting really difficult to stitch.  Here's what I mean:

The fabric count on this, I believe, is 32, and the fabric count on the first one is 28, which makes quite a difference.  However, since I did start stitching on this, I can't use it for some other big project, since the stitches appear to no want to come out, which would've been nice to know before I started stitching over 1.  Thankfully, I already have a project set for this particular piece, which is a couple of Christmas presents for two of my college peeps.  Here's how it turned out...

I'm redoing them.  The pattern themselves are fine, but it's the necklace part of them kind of sucks.  Right, forgot to say what they're supposed to be....necklaces.  My one friend is a music major and the other is an art major, so I made patterns that represent their likes.  Like I said, though, they have to be redone.  The glue I used for the back made the fabric harder than I wanted to and, as you might be able to see, it seeped through the fabric and kind of stained it, which is not good.  Although, considering I've never attempted this before, it was a good first try.  Any pointers would be helpful.  No pattern for today.  Next time, though.  So Happy Stitching!!!

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