Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Patterns and an Update....Kind of

Let's start with the kind of update.  Here's what I've done so far.

Nice right? Heck, there's even a color on it.  However, I was doing some stitching yesterday and found out something....

I counted wrong in the space shown with the blue line, so now everything in the red circle has to be restitched. It's a lot of stitching and time that has been wasted. but never fear!! I have enough floss to remedy the situation.  I'm thinking I won't get back to stitching like crazy until after I graduate, though, so you won't see an update for a couple more weeks.

Now for the patterns.  Only two today because....well, just because.  They're Christmas/winter related so yay, I guess. I guess I'm more bummed about the epic fail on my counting, but anyway....the first one is a tree.

It's large, so I'm thinking it could be done for next year as opposed to this year.  This next one is of a snowman family.  I absolutely LOVE this pattern.  It's small and cute and super simple.  Definitely something that could get done in a day or in a couple of hours.

With that I am off.  I have class and I still haven't had lunch.  Happy Stitching!!


  1. Such a shame about the miscount, but don't worry, you'll be happy that you fixed it, much later. :3

  2. Oh, no! How unfortunate about the miscounting! I have to agree with the above; you'll be glad you fixed it.

    Also, I love the Christmas tree pattern. Maybe because I haven't got my own tree up yet, ahaha.

  3. Tis a shame about the miscounting, but we've all been there, haha. But once it's out you can continue on like it never happened :-) I also really like the tree pattern, although it is a really cute snowman family too :-)

  4. I hate it when that happens! I think I have pieces that have been in my cross stitch box for several years because I've miscounted and never found the enthusiasm to unstitch and restitch such a large portion of it! I absolutely love your family of snowmen though!! x