Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sailor Moon Weapon and A Pattern

first of all, i would like to say that my interview went well yesterday, and will know whether i'm hired or not tomorrow.  next, i finished another sailor moon pattern. again, i did not make this pattern but got it from the lovely DawnMLC (read previous post for all related links). took me a little longer to make this one only because i wanted to be able to catch up on the sleep that i lost the other night.

next, i have a pattern i made myself.  this one is another one of those "icons turned pattern" patterns that i just couldn't resist making....even though the artist said in his/her post not to use it, but it's not like i'm going to be making a profit from it and i expect people to be smart enough not to sell items that they make using my patterns, so i'm not too worried about it. anyway, this pattern was made by Messybun on deviant art (  the original artwork can be found here (  and here's the pattern:

use it well, and use it legally. make it to decorate your home or give it to a friend as a gift, but do not sell it. probably should have mentioned that sooner, but i assume that anyone who visits this blog already has at least an understanding of copyright laws to some extent. anyway, happy stitching!!

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