Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Realization!!

So I realized, after writing my last post, that I've been slightly selfish. I've been posting all the patterns that I've wanted up as opposed to patterns that other people might actually want. So, with that said, I am willing to take suggestions from others and make patterns for them, similar to what sprite stitch does but different. I am open suggestions in the sense that you give me a concept/category/subject for me to find pictures/sprites for and I'll make them happen, in my way.  I will, of course, keep posting my own patterns, as impersonal as they are. Anyway, I, of course, will post a pattern for the world....as small as that world is at this present moment.  This pattern will show a different side of my dorky/geeky/nerdy side (haven't decided which one I am quite yet. I'm leaning towards dorky, though).  This pattern is the various images of Amidala from Star Wars!! WOOOO!!.....anyway, here she is. As usual, the link to the original artwork is on the pattern itself.

And as usual, my customary cat pattern.....please tell me if you're getting tired of seeing cats  on your feed. I will limit them if you tell me to, truly. Again, a link to the original artwork is on the pattern itself.

I hope you enjoy stitching these as much as I enjoy making the patterns.....even though they aren't my original pieces. Happy Stitching!!

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