Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good News, a Finished Piece, and a Pattern

So I have a job, now!!! McDonald's on the expressway near where I live.  Super stoked, yet nervous. Never had a job where I actually had to DO something to make people happy. Anyway, I finished a piece a couple days ago, but I forgot that I didn't post it anywhere, so here it is.  The pattern was made by DawnMLC.  Links to her sites are under the links section.  Another Sailor Moon rod, yes, but I want to make all of her weapons and I'm really close. So here it is.

This next bit is a pattern. Again, I made the pattern, but not the original artwork.  A link to the original artwork is on the pattern itself.

Well, today's my first day of work and I have to prepare. Happy Stitching!!

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