Monday, September 12, 2011

Finished My Geisha and Stitched a Quick Little Sailor Moon....Thing

i may not have mentioned this, but i do in fact stitch myself.  i haven't stitched any of my creations just yet, but i'll get around to it....eventually. this first one i started back in mid may and finished it just last night. i had wanted to finish it before school started, but the week beforehand that was original set aside for cross stitch pieces turned into, "I need called. Let's work there!!!" week.  it was kind of random, to say the least, only working at a camp for a week, but i really needed the money. is my lovely geisha. got it at joann's on sale in ohio. parent's live there so i was there for just about the entire summer.

it's stitched on 18 ct. fabric. it came from a dimensions, gold series, kit.  i thoroughly enjoyed making it, even if the back stitching was a bit of a nuisance. completely worth it.

next, i made a quick little sailor moon item from my extensive collection of patterns.  this one was not made by me but by DawnMLC on deviant art (  i have made a number of her other patterns, as well, so this isn't the first one i've done of hers. her web sites no longer exists, but i took it upon myself to post all the sailor moon patterns on Sprite Stitch.  it truly is a wonderful site for your geeky side....and mine. anyway, here's the finished product.

i love how it turned out and love how little time it took me to complete. i completed it in just a few hours, although i probably should have worked on it a little sooner in the day as i wake up early for class every day, whether it's necessary or not.

i guess on a more personal note, i have a job interview tomorrow and i'm very happily nervous for it...i guess. i mean, it's normal to be nervous but i'm happy that i even have a job interview in the first place, what with the economy the way that it is and the amount of students at my school. my next project, i believe, will be another sailor moon weapon, so stick around!! it shouldn't take me too long to make. happy stitching!!


  1. These look great! You should post more of your completed stitchings.
    -starrley (sprite stitch and deviant art)

  2. Hi, I realize that this post is almost a couple of months old, but I had to comment on it! I've been looking through your blog and I love the various patterns and projects you've been posting :-). I also have a great love of Sailor Moon, so I liked seeing the pictures you've made so far- her weapons are so neat. And as for the geisha picture, I wanted to say congratulations on finishing, it looks absolutely beautiful! :-) I have several geisha patterns as well (including this one), but have only done one little one so far. You do amazing work though and I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future :-)