Monday, October 8, 2012

More Celtic WIP and My Swap Gift to Someone

I'll try to keep this short as it's getting close to my bedtime. First, the person I made my for in the Sprite Stitch swap has received her gift, so now I can post what I did.  I made quite a few items.  I bought a scarf and stitched a Tardis and a Zelda/Okami/Kingdom Hearts mashup piece onto it.  I also stitched up two pins from Okami, one of Issun and one of Ammi, who glows-in-the-dark.  I stitched the Oathkeeper keyblade and framed it, adding beachglass to the frame as a decorative feature.  I also stitched a three-dimensional Tardis that can be used as either a ornament or a keychain.  I stitched a Zelda piece, too, and put it in a hoop. Lastly, I stitched a regular old Keyblade as a keychain, the Mickey symbol has two sides that are different colors.  I also made a card with a keyblade on it, and beach glass from Lake Erie were taped to the inside of the card, however, I was not able to take a picture of it before I sent it.  The Oathkeeper and Zelda pieces were stitched on 28 or 32 ct evenweave cloth over 1, so that was fun.

Second, I did more work on the Celtic Noel.  This is one weeks progress, give or take a few days.

Now for patterns.  For some reason, I'm on a moon mood, so here are patterns of moons.

Hope you enjoy.  Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Your swap gifts are amazing !! and the "Celtic Noel" looks great too, what gorgeous colors... can't wait to see it finished !! :)

  2. Your swap gifts are great! Love the Oathkeeper! Celtic Noel is stitching up so fast. I like the little curlies at the bottom of her skirt!

  3. Hi, new follower here. I found you via Rosey175! I love your Hallowe'en cats, especially the Bride of Frankenstein. So cute!

    I stitched Celtic Noel some years ago, it's a lovely design. I would recommend beading as you go on the border. If you use a petite needle to stitch you don't need to switch to a beading needle.