Thursday, September 27, 2012

Celtic Christmas WIP

I have started on a new piece.  I decided to work on the Christmas pattern that I posted last time. So here's the two day progress.

I also finished something.  I got the pattern from Dorkstitch, who makes such lovely patterns (yes, missy, you may post this on your blog, along with the other Zelda pattern I made a while ago).  I used a variation color, and stitched it on 32 ct evenweave over 1!! It was fun, and I like how it turned out.  That a six inch hoop in that picture, as a size reference.

I also have a finished piece from shiori500, who I think is just dynamite.  She stitched this from one of my patterns.

Hope you enjoy!! Happy stitching!!


  1. Yay, Zuko! :D Your finished Zelda piece looks awesome with the variegated floss. And you've done a lot on the Christmas piece already! I'm lucky to have 100 stitches in two days~

  2. They look lovely. Do your patterns use DMC floss?