Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Continued Work on Celtic Noel

Work is progressing on the Celtic Noel.  It's slower than it has been since I recently bought Pokemon White 2 and have been playing it when I can.  I'm currently stuck training just before the 5th gym, so I decided to do some more stitching.  I will show two pictures; the first is my progress from last time I posted to Sunday night, and the second picture is progress from the last two days.

Next, I have a finished piece stitched from one of my patterns by animeloverblonde09 on DeviantArt.  It's absolutely adorable and I love that someone was able to stitch it, even if it wasn't me.

Now for more patterns.  Again, these the Christmas alterations of the dragons on Dragon Cave.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Stitching!!


  1. Celtic Noel looks absolutely stunning! You must have the patience of a saint. Also thank you for more dragons, the second one looks like one of the characters from Spirited Away.Lovely as ever :)

  2. I've got some pics to send you but can't find an email addy!

    Love your dragons but the cute kitties are going down a storm on my blog! I was stitching at preschool this week and a 2 year old said "kitty!" I didn't have the nerve to say "yes, zombie kitty" in case she told her Mum LOL.