Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Darn You, LIFE!!

Life has gotten ahead of me lately.  First, I didn't want to post because I didn't want to post too soon, then I became lazy, and then I became busy.  Anyway, I'm a lot closer to finishing Celtic Noel.  I'm currently working on the gold metallic thread, but I won't post any progress on that until I finish the skirt.  The metallic is a PAIN!  It definitely makes for some slow stitching.  Here's what I'm willing to show.

So close, and yet so far away, from being done.  Just the metallic thread, backstitching, and bead work.  Optimistic that it will be done by long as I'm stitching almost constantly, lol.

I have finished pieces that have been stitched by others from my patterns.  First, we have Jo, who stitched a number of my halloween related cats. The first one is a in the dark version of the cat in the second image.  She made two cards out of the third image.

Next, rosey175 completed her Halloween cat with some very special touches.

Third, animeloverblonde09 also stitched one of the Halloween cats.

Lastly,  shiori500 stitched the last Avatar bender symbol.

Now for some patterns!!

I am spending a week away with my brother in Virginia, so it is unlikely that I will post anytime before Thanksgiving.  With that, I wish all of you Americans a Happy Thanksgiving, and for all those non-Americans, Happy Stitching!!

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  1. My kitties!! I've since finished the witchy kitty too. Everyone loves them, especially my son.