Friday, September 21, 2012

Busy Week....But in a Good Way

Busy week, but in a good way, of course.  First, finished pieces.  These were all done by shiori500 on deviantart.  I'm very impressed with the speed she has in finishing all these in such a short amount of time.

Alright, now for the part that was busy in a good way.  I went Joann shopping yesterday, and I got soooo much for so little, comparatively.  I also went to my local cross stitch shop and got a number of things, as well.  First, here is a picture of all the stuff together.

I got the two pieces of colored fabric, the pattern, and the beads at the cross stitch shop, while everything else I got at Joann's.  The things I'm most proud of in terms of a good deal were the huge pack of white AIDA and the scissors.  Here's a closer image of the two.

Yes, folks, that is one piece of AIDA that is 60 inches by 48 inches...for $11!!! And the scissors, which are supposedly really great, $10!! Thank Joann's for the 50% off coupons!!  Now, my between my mother and me, I got 4 patterns at the cross stitch.  Here they are.

I hope to eventually do all of them.  I don't know which one to do first, so any personal suggestions will be taken into consideration.

That is it for now.  Sorry for the picture heavy post, but it had to be done.  Until next time, Happy Stitching!!

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  1. I won't tell you how loudly I squealed at the chibi Avatar patterns, ahaha. Needs more Zuko. ;)

    You have been quite busy. I love the water tribe emblem! Fabric is my excitement with sales too. When I walked into my LNS and there was SPARKLY fabric... oh my. I vote for the Christmas-y Mirabilia but that might be because I'd need that much time before Christmas to finish it, haha.