Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Very Much Behind on my Postings

Due to my long absence in the blogging world, this is going to be a long post.

First, I have some finished pieces that others have made using my patterns.  Keep it up!! I want to see more.  This first one was made by elf1angel on deviant art.  I love how they turned out and I love how the complete set worked out even more.  Fabulous job!!  The second one was done by meg010557, who is also on deviant art.  This one I find to be more cute than fabulous, but I'm happy to see it done, either way.

Secondly, I have a finished so many projects within the last few weeks that I honestly can't keep count.  The worst part of it all is that I'm NOT allowed to post them yet, as they are for my swappie over on Sprite Stitch, which is quite bothersome since I know you all would LOVE to them.  I swear, I will post pictures as soon as I can.  However, I did manage to finish something that I am allowed to post.  I got the pattern from the lovely lady at dorkstitch.  I made it for my brother since I made him a Zelda version of it already, so I thought it would be nice to complete the pair.  I put a Triforce and his initials in glow-in-the-dark floss, but I couldn't find a good way to accentuate that, so I apologize. It looks nice otherwise, though.

Third, I have been working on the fairy forbidden love piece for the last couple of days and I've made a fair amount of progress with it.  The first photo is after one day of stitching, the second is the second day, and the third is today's progress.  The worst parts of this piece is that I don't have all materials for it yet and I ran out of one of the colors.  The horrible part is that I can't quite afford to get all the supplies I need quite yet, so this is going to be one of those long duration projects.

Last, but not least, I have some patterns.  I think they're self-explanatory.

I won't be posting anytime soon because I'll be going out of the state to attend my college graduation ceremony this weekend.  I will have no internet access where I'm going, so bear with me.  It's a crazy time in my life right now, and I'm doing what I can.  Thank you all for your patience and Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Oh, Link looks so cool- I love the floss you chose for him, the blue in particular is gorgeous! Thank you for stitching him! Would you mind if I included it in a future features post? The Poe patterns are really neat, too! I need to print them when I'm more awake, especially the purple one. Happy graduation, too! Congratulations! ^^

  2. Can't believe you added the graduation part in the last sentence like that! CONGRATULATIONS!!