Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It was a Long Weekend, and It's Going to be an Even Longer Week

Good news: I finished my swap gift(s), but I still can't post the finished product until the person receives, so let's hope it's soon because it's killing me not to post pictures as much as I'm sure it's killing you not to see them.  I also had a successful commencement ceremony.  The only problem was that there was a person directly behind me that complained the majority of the time about how the person got her name wrong.  It did not help that she was drunk and was, therefore, more emotional about it than was necessary.  That and we were both sitting fairly close to the front so it was quite literally the entire time.
Anyway, here's why it was a long weekend and why it's going to be an even longer week: there has been a death in the family and we found out last Friday, but the service isn't until this Saturday.  The long part about it is that it's not being held in the state I live in but the state where the majority of my family lives, so it's a lot of traveling within a small amount of time with not a lot of free time in between.

But enough about that, I'm sure you're more interested in how my stitching has been so here it is.  Since I did not bring the fairy project with me this last trip to my first home, I did not get a lot done.  However, I have been a busy bee these last couple days and have managed to get quite a bit more done with it.  Here it is!!

I do have a few patterns for you lovely people, as well.  In light of the season, I have decided to post food....I don't know why, but it seems oddly appropriately.

There you have it!! I won't have much internet access until Monday, so don't expect postings until then.  Happy Stitchings!!!

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