Saturday, January 14, 2012

Two More Finished Sailor Moon Related Projects...and a Pattern.

So I finished more projects this week.  The first one is just one item while the second project has 4 items, making it more like 5 projects instead of just 2, but the 4 items on the same piece of aida, so I guess it's just one. Anyway, they're Sailor Moon related, with me finishing off Sailor Moon's Weapons and starting the pens for the other scouts.  All of the patterns for these projects come from DawnMLC.

I was fortunate, in my search for more Sailor Moon related items, to find the page in which to get the original images of these patterns, so in the future I will make an attempt to make patterns for some of the other items which DawnMLC has not made patterns for yet, if ever.  Yay me and my fellow stitchers.  So here comes the pattern.  This is for all the people in with snow at the moment. It is, in fact, another snowflake.  It's from the wreath thing that Dragon Cave decided to have for the Christmas season recently.

Ideas for this pattern could include, but are not limited to, having it a single color, glow-in-the-dark, or completely disregarded, depending on what you feel is suitable.  My job hunt continues, along with other endeavors, such as watching tons of sailor moon episodes, from beginning to end, and stitching as much as I will allow myself to do.  I appreciate all the support that I am given from you kind people.  It is nice to know that my work is appreciated, even though the original artwork isn't necessarily mine, but I guess that isn't the point.  Anyway, hope life is treating you all well enough.  Happy Stitching!!!

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  1. Excellent work on the Sailor Moon stitching. The scout pens look really colorful, I'll really have to give these a go soon. Lovely snowflake too. I'll be looking forward to what new things you come up with as well (be they Sailor Moon realated or not) :-)