Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Sailor Moon

I apologize for the long amount of silence.  I've been enjoying my free time by doing things like read and watch tv and other interesting things like that.  I finished another set of sailor moon related items and I am currently working on the last set of inner senshi pens.  It's taking longer than expected since I am slowly losing my motivation to do anything, which is pissing my parents off a little bit.  Anyway, here is the latest finished project.

With that done, I will post patterns for other Sailor Moon related items, since I'm still in a Sailor Moon kind of mood.  So here are some items that I hope you all enjoy. 

I'll post more next time.  I hope that I don't leave you lovely people in the dark for so long again.  Time just goes by so quickly when you have nothing important to do.  I do have a substitute teaching license in the process of getting approval, though, so I hope to be doing something more interesting soon.  Happy Stitching!!


  1. Great work on the scout pens, it's nice to see them stitched up. I really like your new patterns too :-) You said you were planning on making other ones, so I was curious if you were going to make Sailor Moon's broach from season 5, to have a complete set.

    1. i do have that. i will post it next time, if i remember.