Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy New Year!? Updates Including Skeleton Crew WIPs

I know, I've done a terrible job posting and keeping everyone up to date on what I have been stitching.  However, night shift is killing my free time, making it so I honestly spend more time sleeping or working than anything else and makes what I do during my weekends very limited. Christmas was a particularly busy time for me as I work in a very busy factory.....not too mention family, new boyfriend, etc, etc.  Anyway, I have been busy stitching.  I made a few things for said new boyfriend but didn't think to take a picture of them until after I gave them away, so not those, lol.  Skeleton Crew is coming along nicely. I have a few WIP pictures to show off.

 The first photo is from before Thanksgiving and the second one is my current in this morning, lol.  I don't have that much more to do, just the lettering and the sea monster/fish beneath the hull, not to mention the tiny bits of back stitching.

I have some patterns to make up for the lack of them last post.

Hope you enjoy!! Happy Stitching!!

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