Thursday, January 29, 2015

So Close, and Yet So Far Away!

Another The Night update today. I have one more major color left for this side of the pattern, and then it's down to the homestretch of the stitching portion, which is the bottom 2-3 inches.  This piece is starting to take on some real shape and I can't wait to get these last things done with.  Now for the update:

As you can see, she's just about done. There are some random spots that need to be stitched still, but I'll try to get to them when I start the back of the pattern.

Now for patterns.

That is all for now.  Life is still pretty busy, but things are looking up.  Happy Stitching!!


  1. The Night is looking wonderful! I assume after stitching will come the bead bonanza. Great DB pattern too haha.

  2. The ewok is adorable! I have to stitch him for my son.