Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Catching Up

Since I posted last, I got a boyfriend, moved out of my parent's house, freaked out over reality, moved to a different shift, continued to freak out over reality, and quit my job that was depressing me to the core of my being. Now, I am unemployed and looking for work with my boyfriend and have finally found myself with time on my hands to do whatever I want for a little while.  Hopefully, neither one of us is unemployed for too long, but it's nice to have this free time after working for two years, pretty much straight. Stitching wise, I've been productive. I haven't been stitching as much as I would like to, but life does that to things that you like doing.

First, I would like to present what I have managed to finish.  This first one is a dragon I stitched up just before moving out. I found the pattern while I was in Florida last Thanksgiving and it was a nice easy piece to do after the monstrosity of the Chandelier piece.

These next pictures are of the projects I did for the Sprite Stitch Mega Swap this year.  I have yet to receive mine, but I am sure they will come in due time....that or they were lost in the mail. Anyway, I stitched up a Sailor Moon collage of her and her brooches, a Elder Scrolls quest marker magnet, and a Tardis in a hoop.  I took closeup shots of the stitchings in the collage.

Next I did a small owl. I got the kit in a Just Cross Stitching Magazine that came with patterns and thread.

Lastly, my boyfriend insisted that I stitch things up for Halloween since it's our favorite holiday and I couldn't refuse him.  The first one is a small one and the other one is much larger. He framed it for me for Sweetest Day this past Saturday while I was away with my parents for the weekend.

I did most of these projects while in the midst of stitching something else and I have a WIP for that.  It's called Night and it's a pretty big project. It's coming along, though, and I like stitching it while I have the chance.

I have a few patterns for the world, too.  They're characters from the anime/manga Chobits.

Alright, that's it for today.  I will try to be better with posting, but no guarantees.  Happy Stitching!!

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  1. Yay you're still around! I love your patterns. Reality is kind of an amazing thing; good luck with that. I prefer to stay in fantasy land myself. :b

    I saw your swap on SS; it looks amazing. :D I wish I could participate in those but I'm just way too slow~