Friday, February 1, 2013

So It's Been a Month....

I know it's been a month since I posted last. I am very sorry for this.  I have, however, been keeping busy.  I decided to do this months Sprite Stitch challenge and I just finished the project today.  The challenge was to create a portrait and frame it.  I decided to stitch a portrait of Midna in her true form.  I have WIP pictures for you all to peruse.  Her finished size is a 7 inches wide and a whopping 12 inches high! The only thing that bothers me is the fact that the color for her face is off due to the dye lot changing on me between skein changes.  Darn you, dye lots!!

I have a brief update in the Chandelier piece.  I stopped to do the challenge piece and I had a little counting error in the top right corner that I need to resolve.  I have yet to finish Celtic Noel, but I will start working on that again soon.

Pattern time!! This time it's quilt squares.  I didn't add a color key because I want you all to use your imaginations for these.  Pick whatever color(s) you want to use.

I will try not to make you all wait so long again.  Happy Stitching!!

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  1. Wow, I love your Midna work! Any chance I could get the pattern? :)